Silk Lashes vs. Mink Lashes:  What's the Difference?

Silk Lashes vs. Mink Lashes: What's the Difference?

You’ve seen them on J-Lo and Beyonce, and they look flawless.  Mink lashes look like they cost mint, and in fact, they absolutely do, which is why it seems so many celebrities are clamoring to get their hands on them.  Mink lashes are extremely soft and voluminous, and often extremely desirable.  Unfortunately, the total cost (and we aren’t just talking monetary) to make these lashes doesn’t give us a great feeling if we wear them.   

Silk lashes, on the other hand, are also soft, feather-like, and wispy; creating dramatic eyes that look and feel just like mink.  Silk lashes are a great replacement for mink lashes, and we think you’ll agree that silk is hands down the way to go for false eyelash wear.  They are harmless, reusable, sustainable, and cost-effective.  Additionally, the type of silk used to craft a pair of lashes makes all the difference; not all silk is created equally! 

So, what’s the main difference?  If mink and silk are so much alike, why does it matter which you wear?  Why are mink lashes so much pricier than silk?  We’ve got your answers. 

At Doe Lashes, we aim to deliver the latest lash info to you credibly and reliably.  When we created our brand, we did so with the purpose of creating high-quality, affordable lashes that mimicked those of a beautiful doe.  At the same time, we remain committed to bringing you lashes that are handmade and100% cruelty free.  It’s a principle of our business to take care of our customers while also taking care of our employees, both directly and in our supply chain

As such, it’s our commitment to get you the information you need about all types of falsies available on the market today so that you can make the most informed decision possible about which false lashes are best for you and your standards and values.  While mink lashes are definitely beautiful, we find that we can achieve the same level of beauty and quality in silk lashes.  So, let’s take a quick look at the silk versus mink debate.

What’s the Big Deal with Mink Lashes?

Mink lashes are said to look the most like natural lashes.  This is presumably because they are, in fact, made out of hair. Animal hair.  Mink lashes are made from real mink hair, from their real mink fur.  If you aren’t familiar with minks, here’s a little history. 

Siberian minks are small, furry, aquatic animals that are members of the weasel family.  They are highly untamable and ferocious little creatures who are commonly hunted, farmed, or bred in captivity for their smooth coats.  Minks' real fur is extremely soft and slightly akin to rabbit fur.  For centuries these animals have been removed from the safety of their environments and either shaved or skinned for their coats. 

Today, it is pretty common to find real mink lash products that are labeled “100% cruelty free,” but this is simply not the case.  Removing these animals from their natural environments, or breeding them in cramped, unsanitary cages for the purpose of harvesting their fur for human use is definitely not cruelty free.  These animals are not happy, and are often diseased and malnourished. 

More and more lash manufacturers are ditching mink lashes in favor of faux mink lashes made from synthetic material, and there’s a great reason why.  Synthetic fur lashes look just as great as real mink lashes, they're animal-cruelty free, and they can also be manipulated better than real mink eyelashes can. One issue users of real mink lashes complain about is the inability of the lashes to curl unless they have been permed.  Even if the mink lashes have been permed to curl up, the lashes tend to relax over time, and can't just be put back into place with a curler.  Synthetic lashes hold curl much better than mink, making them a better choice. 

Mink lashes usually come with a heavy price tag.  In fact, if you find a website that claims they’re offering 100% mink lashes at rock bottom prices, you can bet what you’re getting isn’t actually mink fur, but rather a synthetic made to feel like mink and have that natural look. 

Some “mink” lashes are not actually mink fur at all, but rather a type of polyester material called polybutylene terephthalate, or “PBT,” for short.  Many lash manufacturers that claim to sell mink lashes are actually selling lashes made from this material, which is a synthetic.  It is, however, akin to mink fur in that the fibers are very thin and lightweight.  The lashes are typically tapered and give a less dramatic, natural eyelash effect when worn in a full lash set.  While this material is definitely a better option than traditional mink, we’re still convinced silk is a much better option.  So, let’s talk silk!

What Makes a Silk Lash Set Great?

We may be a little partial, but we think silk lashes are the best of the best.  Not only are they completely cruelty free, but real silk fibers make dramatic, gorgeous, glossy lashes that stand out and demand to be noticed.  Mink lashes are generally semi-matte, which makes them look like your natural, non-glossed lashes.  If we’re going to wear false lashes, we want them to create a statement, and that’s just what silk lashes do. 

Silk lashes are great because they have similar fibers as actual mink fur.  In fact, some silk, like Korean silk, are so close to the feel and look of mink that you can hardly tell them apart.  Korean silk is constructed of ultra-fine fibers, making them the closest relative of actual mink fur available.  That means you get the great, fringe like look of a set of mink lashes, without the price tag or animal cruelty.  You can wear your lashes with a clear conscience because you know the fibers haven’t been taken off the backs of innocent animals. 

Silk lashes are also extremely comfortable to wear.  A great pair of false lashes will always have a cotton band that feels completely weightless on your lash line, so you basically forget they are there.  They have the ability to give drama and natural elegance to the eye without the use of heavy eye makeup.  In fact, once you begin wearing false lashes, you can basically throw away thatgoopy mascara; you simply won’t need it. 

If you’re concerned that silk lashes may not blend with your natural lashes as well as mink lashes, you don’t need to worry.  Korean silk lashes blend easily with your natural lashes.  To ensure they blend as much as possible, we always recommend that you curl your natural lashes prior to applying your false lashes.  Curling your natural lashes helps them blend with the natural curvature of the silk lashes, making them look natural. 

 Silk lashes are also available in numerous style options.  Because silk is a synthetic fiber, it can be styled prior to being placed on the lash band.  This means you can expect to see Korean silk lashes in different styles for different eye shapes that look even more dramatic for special occasions.  Mink lashes have a hard time holding any curl or style so most of the time those lash sets will be fairly standard and neutral.

What Should I Look for in a Quality Silk Lash Set?

If you’re as sold on silk as we bet you are, you’re probably wondering what you should look for in a silk lash.  You’ve definitely come to the right place, because silk lashes are our jam!  Doe Lashes provides gorgeous Korean silk lashes that are affordable and luxurious for up to 15 uses.  Here is our list of “must-haves” in a silk lash set. 

  1. Comfortability.  No set of false lashes is worth it if they feel heavy, interrupt your line of vision, or irritate the eye.  Opt for fibers that are extremely lightweight and always look for a cotton lash band.  Some bands are made from synthetics or polyester fabric that is heavier and warmer than cotton.  Cotton bands are the least irritating and give the wearer cloud-like comfort.
  2. Gorgeous styles. Don’t be limited to one or two lash types.  You should buy from a company that allows you to build your lash wardrobe for every occasion.  Long and voluminous for a night out, lengthy but subtle for day, no matter the event there’s a lash style for it.  You should never have to pick from one style. 
  3. Ease of application. Don’t get stuck with lashes that don’t stick, stick too much, or are simply too hard to use.  Any lash artist, professional or novice will tell you that easy application and easy removal should be standard for any silk lashes.  You’ll also want to make sure that the glue adhesive is of good quality and is hypoallergenic grade, so that it does not cause a potential eye irritation. 

Mink lashes look great, but they are not superior to silk lashes in any way.  Silk fibers are natural, can hold a curl, and are cruelty free.  Mink taken from animals is done so in a way that isn’t human and makes them not worth wearing.  Additionally, many “mink” lashes aren’t even mink to begin with; they’re polyester fibers labeled as mink.  A great Korean silk lash set is dramatic, comfortable to wear, and kind to every creature.