Magnetic Eyelashes:  What Are They and How Do They Work?

Magnetic Eyelashes: What Are They and How Do They Work?

In the world of eyelashes, there’s always a new product or two floating around that claims to be better at giving you the longer, fuller lashes you’ve wanted. We’ve been searching for ways to enhance our eyes for centuries. Nothing frames your eyes and makes them more noticeable than a great set of soft, voluminous lashes, and we would do practically anything to get them.

One of the newer beauty trends to hit the eyelash scene are magnetic eyelash strips. We admit, our curiosity was piqued when we first heard of these. How can magnets help you get longer, fuller lashes? Is it safe? Affordable? You know we’re your eyelash info insiders, so we got the scoop on magnetic lashes so you don’t have to waste your time researching them for yourself.

What Are the Most Popular Ways to Get Longer Lashes?

Serums, salon treatments, and miracle lash conditions may have all made a name for themselves in the realm of lash enhancement, but the tried-and-true method of eyelash lengthening and thickening has always been the use of falsies. This is the go-to method of eye enhancement for everyone from celebrities to the coworker sitting in the cubicle next to you. Eyelash strips are the industry standard for many reasons.

  • They’re safe. Serums with certain formulas and salon extensions come with some pretty risky side effects. Skin and iris discoloration, natural eyelash loss, and eye infection are all safety concerns for these methods of enhancement. Eyelash strips are generally well tolerated by everyone and are safe to apply and remove on a daily basis.

  • They’re affordable. Other methods of eyelash enhancement can be extremely expensive. A full set of professionally applied eyelash extensions alone can be upwards of $300, and that doesn’t factor in the cost for maintenance and upkeep.

Serums are not much cheaper, considering that they often cost over $100 and usually last about thirty days. Once you stop using a serum, any lash lengthening effects disappear, so if you want to continue the effect a serum can potentially offer, you’ll need to continue using it.

Eyelash strips cost a fraction of the price and are reusable twelve to fifteen times. Doe Lashes cost just under $13 per pair, which means you can have glamorous lashes all month for less than it costs you to go grab brunch with your friends.

  • They’re instant. Other lash enhancement options may take time to provide results. Eyelash serums can take up to three to four weeks before taking effect, and that growth isn’t as noticeable or remarkable as a set of false lashes. Eyelash extensions can give you instant length and volume...after a few hours in the salon chair. Get comfortable in the chair, because you’ll be headed back to the salon for “fills” every few weeks.

Eyelash strips can be easily applied and removed within minutes, without any in-between or continued maintenance required.

  • They’re DIY. You can apply false eyelash strips at home without any prior experience and get professional looking, gorgeous results right in your own bathroom or bedroom, no tipping required.

Since false eyelash strips are the industry standard for eyelash enhancement, it’s no surprise companies are continually trying to change or repackage the design. Magnetic lashes are different from strip lashes in how they attach to your lash line. Traditionally, eyelash strips attach just above your natural lash line with glue or a holding gel. Glue is the most traditional method of adhering false eyelashes to your lids, and a great quality glue can hold your lashes in place for hours on end. Depending on the brand, they can even endure things like sweat and water. Just like some companies sell eyeliner kits, you can also get lash kits for convenience. 

Magnetic lashes are held in place by complete magnetic contact. Think of it as using basically invisible magnets (or smaller magnets that are compact). You will have lashes with bottom magnets and an upper magnetic lash as well. To apply magnetic lashes, you will need to invest in not only specially made eyelash strips that have tiny magnets attached to the lash band, but also a specialty iron-oxide magnetic liner. 

Magnetic lashes are applied by first applying a thin strip of liquid iron-oxide eyeliner on top of your natural lash line, waiting for it to dry, and then clipping the magnetic lash strip to the eyeliner using an applicator tool. Some people like to put all their items on a small tray so they don't lose anything during the application process. 

To remove magnetic lashes, you’ll need to pull the magnetic lash bands off, and then remove the liner. Try using your index finger and thumb for a solid grip. Some companies suggest using olive oil to remove the eyeliner, while other manufacturers carry a specialized iron oxide eyeliner removing solution. It isn’t recommended you use regular eye makeup remover, as it may not be effective in removing the liner and can be damaging to the lash band if it is exposed to a remover containing oil.

What Are the Benefits of Magnetic Eyelashes?

Sometimes, magnetic lash users are people who have had adverse reactions to certain strip eyelash glues. Some eyelash glues can be irritating to users who have sensitive eyes; however, hypoallergenic eyelash glues have virtually eliminated the potential irritative risk.

Thanks to magnet technology, magnetic lashes are reusable and offer a secure hold. Some magnetic lash companies claim their lashes are reusable for twenty to thirty wears. This can appeal to users who don’t wear false eyelashes very often, or who only plan to wear them occasionally, but don't want to deal with the hassle of mascara (smudge-proof or not). If you wear false eyelashes on a more consistent basis, you will likely need to replace any false eyelash set after about fifteen wears for sheer hygiene purposes.

What Are the Drawbacks of Magnetic Eyelashes?

While magnetic lash kits definitely have their own cult following, they aren’t free from unwanted side effects and problems that can make them undesirable for some users. Here are some of the issues we found with magnetic eyelashes.

  • The Eyeliner. In order to properly apply magnetic eyelashes, you need to be a pro at applying liquid eyeliner, or at least be able to get the job done without getting liner all over your eyelid. If you apply the liner incorrectly, your lash band will not attach where it is supposed to. Also, if you apply too much liner, it can smudge onto your eyelid, which is definitely not attractive.

Additionally, the iron oxide in the eyeliner may have the ability to stain your eyelids. While iron oxide is permitted as a color additive in cosmetics and is regulated by the FDA, the amount in a magnetic eyelash eyeliner is higher than you would find in a regular eyeliner.

It’s also never a great idea to have metal near your eyes. Though you will likely not experience any great harm from the iron oxide in the eyeliner coming in contact with your eyes, it can still cause irritation that can sideline your eyelash game until the irritation goes away. Plus, some liners contain parabens, another ingredient you don't want on your body.  

  • The Cost. The cost of magnetic eyelashes is significantly higher than the cost of their adhesive cousins— sometimes double or even triple the amount. In addition to the expense associated with the lash bands, you’ll also incur the expense of the eyeliner and any product the manufacturer recommends using to remove the eyeliner.

  • The Weight. The biggest complaint we found when reading reviews of magnetic lashes was that they felt heavy. You can’t expect a lash band with three to four magnets on the back to feel lightweight, and some users even found the weight unbearable.

  • The Difficulty of Application. In addition to being able to apply eyeliner like a pro, you’ll also need a little extra time to apply magnetic lashes. The liner takes a long time to apply, and you’ll also need to give it about five minutes to dry completely before applying the lashes. Removal will also take longer, as you’ll need to clean the back of the magnetic lash band and also use a special makeup remover to remove the magnetic eyeliner.

Magnetic lashes are a new twist on the beauty industry eyelash enhancement standard. While they can create a dramatic eyelash look, they do come with some drawbacks and side effects that may render them not worth your time. They take a bit longer to apply and require more skill. They are more expensive than traditional false eyelash strips, and most users say they feel very heavy when worn.

Doe Lashes specializes in supremely comfortable, cloud-like eyelash strips with 100% cotton lash bands and lighter than air Korean vegan silk fibers (which feels similar to a faux mink lash). Our lashes are built to last up to fifteen uses and are simple to apply and remove; no prior experience applying lashes is necessary. Doe Lashes feel weightless from the time they’re applied to the time they’re removed, and never require any specialized makeup remover.

If you’re looking for lashes that stand out, give you a noticeable appearance, and feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, we’ve got them. Unlike magnetic lashes, you won’t need any accessory makeup (like liners or pencils) to apply our lash strips. A durable, hypoallergenic eyelash band glue will help your Doe Lashes stay in place all day or all night, so you never have to worry about them coming unattached. You can apply them to your top lashes or the bottom ones. Wearing false eyelash strips give you the ability to change your lash look when and how you want to; you’re never locked into one style, and the traditional style of eyelash strip has the benefits of magnetic lashes without the added hassle.