Glam Starter Pack
Glam Starter Pack
Glam Starter Pack
Glam Starter Pack
Glam Starter Pack
Glam Starter Pack

Glam Starter Pack

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The Glam Lash Kit styles are ideal for all the creative and glamorous looks imaginable. This kit contains a variety of five different soft lightweight lash styles ranging from voluminous and full to wispy and lengthy. Our lashes will give you the perfect opportunity to explore and create looks that will have all eyes on you, day, and night!

The Glam Lash Kit includes the following:

  • Starry Night (NEW!)
  • Crazy In Love
  • Fuccboi Repellent
  • Uwu Lash
  • Whimsical
  • Doe Lash Applicator

Be sure not to uwu without your fuccboi repellent to keep the bad energy away, all the while falling crazy in love with yourself as you create whimsical looks in the starry night.

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We believe that makeup should be an extension of your natural beauty, so we crafted the perfect pair of lashes that combine the gentleness of Korean silk hair with the weightlessness of fresh cotton band that makes you feel and look like it’s a part of you.


The lash cotton band is cut at the thickness that allows it to stay in shape after a dozen wears while keeping our signature weightless comfort. No irritation, no heavy feelings on your eyes
— just a smooth and unforgettable experience that makes you want to have Doe-like eyes, every single day