The Neo-collection

The Neo-collection

All your favorite Neo lashes (literally, all of them) in one place. Plus our magnetic Neo-liner. What else needs to be said?

In this bundle:

  • Love Spell
  • Misty-Eyed
  • Old School
  • Butterfly Kiss
  • Full-size Neo-liner
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What’s Neo Lashes?

We made doe because we knew that lashes shouldn’t irritate your eyes and should be comfortable all the time. To do this, we used ultra-fine silk fiber to handcraft each pair of lashes to be virtually weightless.

Weightless Comfort

No one wants to experience the embarrassment of having their lashes fall off in the middle of dinner. Our neo lashes are made with 10 mini magnets that hug your eyes with 2 bigger magnets in the end so it doesn’t lift and poke out. The neo-liner is formulated to hold onto your neo lashes all day so you can look and feel your best.

Stays on All Day

The Neo-collection